terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

about the day I sold my soul to Devil

I've got a confession of the highest content:
I've once sold my interior; my blood, heart and veins
It was a tempting proposal, of impossible deny
From the Dearest of Lords, made of dark and dried eyes

Devil was kind and gentle to me 
He served me bread and a large cup of tea
He guessed my tastes, so I was well received
In his cozy warm chamber of the highest degree

He promised me gold and a life full of joy
And told me to play as if life was a toy
He promised my heart could no longer be broken 
And then slowly said: "Although now your soul is forever stolen."

I shouted at the skies with a voice of regret
"Why did I trust Devil? My soul should've been kept!"
But then my poor mind was caught by a thought 
"Maybe I should conceive my life to my Lord."

Since then I am glad, immortal and brave
I'm cold as bold ice and and rough as a grave  
I no longer can be fooled by love 
I break thousand hearts with one single shove.